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Lightweight Torso Interface V-Neck Tank - Ionic+™




Lightweight Torso Interface V-Neck Tank — Ionic+™ Mineral Antimicrobial fabric

Developed by Knit-Rite, the protective body interface may be used with all types of spinal orthoses and body jackets. Torso Interface provides more cushioning, moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties to keep skin dry, protected, and comfortable.

  • Provides skin protection and comfort for all wearers of spinal orthoses
  • Virtually wrinkle free
  • High stretch in all directions to accomodate more patients
  • Seamless styling for optimal comfort
  • Moisture wicking Ionic+™ helps to keep skin dry
  • Ionic+™ fabric helps reduce odor in garment
  • May also be used for casting
  • Premium interface, affordable price