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Strapless Torso Interface - CoolMax®

Item#: KR-TI-CMS

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Strapless Torso Interface - CoolMax®

Developed by Knit-Rite, the protective body interface may be used with all types of spinal orthoses and body jackets. Slightly heavier than a T-shirt, Torso Interface provides more cushioning, moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties to keep skin dry, protected, and comfortable.

  • New improved seamless finishing
  • Moisture wicking CoolMax® fabrics 
  • Outstanding stretch allows the fit to be virtually wrinkle-free
  • Prescribed to provide improved skin protection and patient comfort
  • Garments are finished on all edges
  • Latex free materials
  • Machine washable

  • Care Instructions: Hand or machine wash, mild detergent, warm temperature; no bleach. Tumble dry warm or dry flat.